Top hair straightening techniques

Hair straightening is a method of hair styling, used by people to get smooth, lustrous, and silky hair. There are different ways to straighten hair. Choosing a perfect hair straightening technique depends on the nature of your hair and your budget. Tangles, frizzy hair, the rough appearance of hair, dull hair, flyaways, and poor texture of hair – these are some problems that can be tackled by straightening hair. 

Straight hair is smooth and silky. There are five types of hair straightening techniques. To select which one is good for you, you need to identify your hair type and select your budget. 

Now lots of questions must be aroused in your mind. Which one is best? Which one lasts long? Which one is the safest? Which one has the best results? Before proceeding further, I want to tell you that you need to take care of your diet as well to have beautiful and shiny hair. 

 In this article, I am sharing the information that you require before straightening your hair. Feel free to read it. 

Top Hair Straightening Techniques

  • Keratin treatment or Brazilian straightening

It is one of the safest straightening techniques out there. In keratin treatment, a layer of keratin protein is added as a coat for hair. Keratin is a type of natural protein, present in hair. Due to protein deficiency in the diet, this protein content decreases, and hair becomes rough and frizzy. Keratin treatment is becoming a popular hair straightening technique as it results in smooth, straight, and silky hair. And in this treatment, hair grows back to its original form without damage and you can go for keratin treatment repeatedly. Keratin treatment is not cheap but it has good results and it will last for six months to eight months. During this treatment, you will be provided with a keratin solution for hair with a highly heated flat iron to seal the formula. 

  • Japanese straightening or Thermal reconditioning

It is another type of hair treatment that lasts for six months, though it is quite expensive. In the Japanese straightening technique, a cysteine-based chemical solution is used to break the natural bonds of the hair and reconfigure the hair from hair cells naturally. There are other names for this treatment also, such as acid perm and yuko. In this treatment, cysteine solution is applied and left for 20 minutes. This breaks the bonds in the hair. After that, it is washed out and the hair is conditioned to keep it strong and hydrated. Thin strands of hair are then passed through a straightener for damaged hair. And after all this, at last, hair is neutralized in a neutralizer for 10-15 minutes, and it 

  • Chemical straightening or hair relaxing

It is a highly professional process that requires proper knowledge of protein bonds. In this treatment, a certain number of protein bonds are broken resulting in the straightening of curly and wavy hair. If more than the required bonds are broken up then the hair will become thin and if less than the required bonds are broken then the hair will not become straight. 

  • Hair Rebonding

In this hair straightening technique, a relaxant softener is used to break the natural hair structure and after that, a neutralizer is applied to get the original bonding again. Hair rebonding requires a lot of maintenance and care. It is good for those who have wavy and thick hair. Hair rebonding is easily detectable after hair starts growing. 

  • Flat Iron

It is the easiest hair straightening technique for beginners. It is not a hair straightening technique but you will get smooth silky and untangled hair till your next hair wash. Be sure that your hair is completely dried before going for flat iron as it will cause damage. Straightening hair with flat iron may give a dry and little rough texture, so try to use hair spray.


Hair straightening can be achieved by five main methods. Now you have an idea about which treatment lasts for a longer period, which is good in your budget, and how much it costs. Always remember, you need to take a proper nutritious diet to prevent hair problems. And your hair will get smooth and silky naturally. 

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