What the Great Resignation Means for Skilled Workers

The past few months have created unprecedented numbers of changes in the workforce. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 4-million Americans quit their job in July. Then in August, they reported that 4.3 million more Americans quit their job that month.

This monumental shift is what experts are referring to as the Great Resignation. But what does that mean for all you skilled workers out there? If you’re someone that quit your skilled position to pursue something you’re more passionate about, where does that leave you?

See below for more information on what the Great Resignation means for you as a skilled worker.

  1. You Have the Power

The significant number of workers who quit their jobs has turned the tables of Corporate America. What was once a place where employers had their veritable pick of applicants has turned into desperation for companies across all industries.

You can walk into virtually any company these days and find that they have positions that they need to fill. This need has given applicants, such as yourself, all of the power.

For what might be the first time in your career, you get to assess what you’re looking for in a job and find many companies that are offering one that fits the bill.

  1. You Can Change Careers

Perhaps you’ve felt trapped by your career in the past. Your jobs and skills have pigeonholed you your entire life, and you’ve found yourself going through the motions.

The Great Resignation has sparked change in the workforce. People are starting to realize that they shouldn’t just work for a paycheck, they should pursue a career that they have a passion for.

Due to all of the open job positions, you now have the power to pursue a new career. If you’ve wondered how to change careers, then now’s your chance. Whether you want to pursue a career in marketing or find a managerial job that allows for remote work, you’ll find several options.

  1. You Can Get Better Pay

Companies will do just about anything to hire qualified candidates in this day in age. They’re realizing the need for quality and how valuable experience truly is to their business operations.

For that reason, you can go out into the workforce right now and find employers that are willing to pay you much more than what you’re currently making. There’s more room for negotiations, and employers are more inclined to give you closer to the number you requested.

Some of you might want to ask for a raise at your current job to avoid too much change in your day-to-day job tasks. Others of you might look for the best paying trade jobs available right now to switch things up.

Take Advantage of the Great Resignation for Your Career

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on what the Great Resignation means for skilled workers, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

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