5 Fun and Unique Things to Do in Miami


Planning a trip to Miami, Florida but not sure what to fill your itinerary with? By choosing Miami as your destination, you’re already on the right track to a successful vacation. Miami is home to soft, white beaches and beautiful weather.

There’s also a lot of things to do in Miami whether you’re new to the area or a seasoned visitor. Deciding what to do while there will depend on what type of trip you’re in the mood for. If you’re looking for fun and unique things to do, then you’ll want to continue reading below.

Here’s our list of several unique things to do during your Miami trip!

  1. Visit the Art Deco Historic District

If you’re looking for a way to really soak up the Miami culture, then visiting the Art Deco Historic District should be on your list of things to do. You may hear people refer to this area as the Miami Beach Architectural District. It’s also been placed on the National Register of Historic Places!

The buildings here were built between the 1920s and the 40s, and are a sight to see. You can also visit the Art Deco Museum while there or take a walking tour of the area.

  1. Take a Helicopter Tour

If you want to tour the city in a more adventurous way, then be sure to add a helicopter tour to your itinerary as well. When you take a tour with Breeze Helicopters, you get to experience Miami in a way that you couldn’t by any other means of transportation. You can choose between a private tour, a shared tour, or an excursion.

Taking in an aerial view of the city will be the highlight of your trip!

  1. Schedule a Day at Jungle Island

Do you hear nature calling your name? All nature lovers must schedule a day at Jungle Island. Here, you’ll find natural and environmentally friendly exhibits with different plants and animals.

The park is also a great place to learn about conservation and the efforts the park takes to protect different rare animals and their ecosystems.

  1. Go on an Airboat Tour

When you think of Florida, you most likely think of alligators and swamps. The Everglades is the perfect place to explore the swamps while spotting many alligators. For the best views of both, you want to go on an airboat tour.

A guide will drive the airboat through the Everglades and bring you up close with alligators and other creatures as well. There are many different airboat tours to choose from, so make sure you research each one before deciding.

  1. See How the Celebrities Live

Are you interested in seeing how Miami’s celebrities live? A boat tour of Millionaire’s Row is the way to do it! This residential area is home to celebrities like P.Diddy, Shaquille O’Neal, and more!

The boat tour will take you past these celebrity homes while enjoying the beauty of Biscayne Bay.

There’s an Endless Amount of Things to Do in Miami

When planning a trip to Miami, be sure to research what things you want to do before arriving. With so many fun and unique things to do in Miami, you want to be sure you get to do as much as possible during your stay!

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