8 Rights that Every Nursing Home Residents in Brooklyn Should Know

Some nursing homes are notorious for abusing or neglecting aging family members. Brooklyn nursing homes have to abide by New York’s bill of rights. The operations of these nursing homes must stick by the federal regulations. Every aging client in a nursing home must get quality attention and quit when they’re no longer comfortable.

The following eight rights protect nursing home residents in Brooklyn from abuse and neglect.

The Right to Courteous and Dignified Treatment

Every client in a Brooklyn nursing home has the right to dignified and professional treatment. When living in a nursing home, it’s your right to get quality and pleasant treatment. It’s your right to choose senior care programs and services that suit you.

The Right to Question Negligence and Abuse

When living in a Brooklyn nursing home, you have the right to query instances of abuse and negligence. If you feel that the nursing home physicians don’t acknowledge your needs, you can file a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

Right to Quality Medical Care

Brooklyn, nursing home residents have the right to quality and dignified medical care. They deserve to know about their medical conditions and the perfect treatments. Every nursing home in Brooklyn resident has the right to select their treatment and care plans.

The Right to Privacy and Independence

Residents in nursing homes have the right to privacy and independence. They deserve to have their medical data kept private. Their privacy when getting consultations and treatments should be top-notch. In addition, nursing home residents deserve the freedom to manage their finances, needs, and medications.

Right to Communication and Information

Nursing homes aren’t rehabilitation centers, so clients have the right to interact with the outside world. You can connect with your loved ones through your preferred communication channel. You can decide to have a one-on-one chat, email, phone or text chat. Although nursing homes have the right to choose the visiting hours, they cannot stop you from talking with a loved one.

The Right to Leave at will

Nursing homes have the legal right to decide on a resident’s leaving hours and dates. However, they don’t have the right to stop you if you choose to leave the facility. If you don’t feel comfortable living in a nursing home, you can quit at once.

Right to Participate in Activities and Organizations

As a denizen of a nursing home, you have the right to engage in organizations and activities that please you. You don’t have to engage in any activity or organization you hate just because you’re in a nursing home.

Right to Easy and Responsive Complaint Procedure

When residing in a nursing home, you have the right to a responsive and easy complaint process. You’re allowed to raise concerns when you feel neglected and abused. That shouldn’t come with complex terms and conditions.

Before taking an aging family member to reside in a nursing home in Brooklyn, you must know these resident rights. Coaching your senior loved one about them is imperative so they don’t get taken for a ride.

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