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Antara Biswas

Antara Biswas is very well known for her stage name that is Monalisa. And she is one of the refined Indian actresses and is known for doing various Bhojpuri films and also appeared in other language films such as Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Odia. She was very well known as a big boss contestant and became famous from the show Big Boss 10 this show was telecasted in 2016 and is also known for portraying the role of Mohana Rathod in the show Nazar.

And this show became popular from 2020 to 2021 and she was also seen appearing as the main antagonist of Iravati Verma and also appear in shows such as Namak Isak Ka for Colours TV channel.


Biography and Early Life: Antara Biswas


She was born to a Bengali Hindu family and she was born on 21st November 1982. And After that, she adopted her stage name Monalisa. Then also she studies at the school Julien Day School in South Kolkata and then she was known to graduate from the Ashutosh college at the University of Calcutta.

And she was known to earn a B.A. degree in Sanskrit and after that, she appear in various shows as a model and also work on Odia Video albums. She was seen appearing in various shows and films. And was widely recognized from the audience’s perspective.

And also seen appearing in star plus’s popular show that is Smart Jodi.


Career: Antara Biswas


She was also seen acting in several films which are of low budget and also seen debuting Bollywood films such as blackmail which also starred Ajay Devgan and Suniel Shetty and also after that she began acting in various south Indian films. Then she was seen and noticed for her role in Tauba Tauba and also appear opposite Amin Gazi. And also been seen in various Kannada Films titled Jackpot.

Biswas in The Hindu was viewed along with Rinku as one of the most popular actresses of the Bhojpuri Film Industry. And In February

2022 she was known to participate in Smart Jodi with her husband Vikrant Singh Rajpoot and it will be telecast on February 2022.


Personal Life: Antara Biswas


She was seen marrying Vikrant Singh Rajpoot who is one of the popular Bhojpuri actors and also appearing in big boss along with her husband she was seen in Bigg boss on 17th Jan 2017.

antara biswas




She was seen appearing in various films such as Jayate, Hamam Fi Amsterdam, Jai Sriram, Wrong number, and Top Samrat.

She appeared in the role of aarti in the titular film Jayate in 1997. This film appears in the Hindi language. She was seen appearing in Jai Sriram in 1999 in the titular role of Rima Das and this film appeared in Odia language.

Antara was seen appearing in the film Jalwa: Fun in Love and she appeared in the role of Manisha Tripathi and appear in the Hindi language. She also appear in the movie Jackpot in the title role of Laila in 2006 which was released in the Hindi language.

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