One of the most important IAS officer in 2013 Batch

He is an IAS officer from the 2013 batch, and he is married to Tina Dabi. They both got married in Jaipur. People paid a lot of attention to him after Tina Dabi and he said they were getting married. While she was running for the UPSC, Tina Dabi was a well-known IAS officer. He is an MBBS doctor who passed the UPSC exam. So, if you want to know everything there is to know about him, you’ve come to the right place. We will do our best to answer all of your questions about him.

First wife and his affairs

He is a doctor who is also an IAS officer. Since he comes from a well-known family and always puts his studies first, he doesn’t have any affairs and doesn’t have a first wife. Pradeep Gawwande married Tina Dabi, who was the top officer in the IAS, on April 20, 2022. He got a lot of attention from the media after he said I was going to marry Tina Dabi, an IAS officer. Athar Khan and Tina Dabi got married in 2018, but they filed for divorce in 2020. After her divorce, Tina Dabi wants to start a new life, which is a good choice. 

How Got His Job From MBBS to IAS Officer

Before he applied for the UPSC, he was an MBBS doctor at a hospital in Delhi. He is now a doctor. The 2012 Civil Services Exam gave him an AIR 478 score, which meant he was put in the 2013 IAS Officer Batch. His dream was to serve his country, even though he was a doctor, so after his IAS training, he was sent to Rajasthan. He is now in charge of the museums in Rajasthan. Tina Dabi is a junior IAS officer from the 2013 batch and has been working for three years. Pradeep Sangwan has been the district magistrate of Churu Rajashtan before.

Find out about his age, life story, first wife Tina Dabi, the UPSC exam, and more.

In 2021, He was in the news because he was involved in a bribery case. In Jaipur, three anti-corruption squads went after Rahul Kumar Garg, Manager of the Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Corporation (RSLDC), and Ashok Sangwan, Coordinator of the RSLDC. The Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested these two people while they were taking a Rs 5 Lakh bribe. At that time, He was the CEO of RSLDC, and his name was also linked to this bribery case. At a press conference, BL Soni, the director general of the ACB, said that he had no more answers to give during the investigation.

Gawande Pradeep The UPSC Journey

He is an MBBS doctor who applied for the UPSC exam even though he was already a doctor. He has always wanted to be an IAS officer and serve his country. He got AIR 478 on the UPSC Civil Services Exam. His roll number was 442735, and he was put in the 2013 batch of IAS officers.


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