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arti singh

Arti Singh is known to be an Indian actress and also was known to work immensely on Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai and also was seen in many of the reality shows such as Bigg boss 19 and become immensely famous because of these reality shows and earn lot of fame and popularity due to these reality shows and become a household name because of these shows. She was next seen in the shows such as Waaris, Parichey and also other popular shows. She also becomes runner-up and becomes or comes at the fourth position and then comes up with fourth position because of the reality shows such as Bigg Boss 19.


Overview: Arti Singh


She is born as Arti Sharma around 5th April 1985 and become famous because of her occupation as an actress and then she become active in the acting field from 2007 till present. She started her career and began acting and known for the shows such as Uttaran , Waaris and Bigg Boss 13 her relatives are Krishna Abhishek is her brother and then Kashmera Shah is known to be her sister in law and govinda is known to be her uncle and Soumya Seth is known to be her cousin and ragini Khanna is known to be her cousin.


Early Life: Arti Singh


She was born on April 5th 1985 in the Uttar Pradesh and she is from Lucknow and her father was himachli . Her father name is Atmaprakash Sharma and her mother was Padma. She has one niece who is known to be the niece of the actor who is Govinda and govinda is her uncle and her mother was the sister of the govinda. Her brother Kridshna Abhishek is comedian and her brother is known to be well known comedian. Even she was seen in various comedy roles and shows she is known to be the established actor and become established from her role in various shows starting from appearing in the comedy shows to the belonging to the Bollywood industry and then he also was known to belong to the govinda family.  Even her cousin sisters were also Ragini Khanna and Soumya Seth.

arti singh




She then started her acting career in the roles and the show and was later appeared in various shows  And she later appeared to be telecasted for the show uttaran for the colours TV channel later she appeared in 2014 in the show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and also after that she participated in the show as a male lead. Later she was seen participating in the Box cricket league and after that, she become 4th runner up for the reality TV show Bigg Boss and also she revealed that she suffered from the great depression for 2 years. So she appear in various shows and reality shows and become a rising star and gain lot of stardom from all these shows and able to gain  lot of fame fromn each and every shows to earn popularity as an actor.

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