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Brandon Williams Girlfriend

Brandon Williams Girlfriend Shanice East Into

 Shanice East has over 83K followers on Instagram and it does tell a lot about the fame she has grown being a model after becoming a part of Brandon Williams as girlfriend. Her boyfriend Brandon is famous for coming from the Manchester United academy and making his debut for the club in 2019. The full-back is the reason behind the fame of his girlfriend that she has her career also to a very good level. It does tell a lot about Shanice and as she has climbed the surface to the level she is independent.

Hence, the fame of a Manchester United WAG is at another level as it is the arguably biggest football club in the world ahead of Real Madrid and others in the eyes of many. She now travels to expensive places and works for Fashion NOVA, these things tell the fame Shanice has got and how people love to know more about her.

It does show that her time with Williams has changed her life in a way that she stands on two feet. It is what tells a lot about Shanice and the impact she has made in the football-associated world.



The girlfriend of Brandon Williams is Shanice East. She, because of Brandon Williams, has become a famous name around the world. As Brandon has played many times for Manchester united since 2019. It has helped him to be a famous name around the world. The English left-back is a famous name, which does benefit her girlfriend to make a stunning profile too. Let us take a look at the life of Shanice East.

Brandon Williams Girlfriend: Bio, Shanice East

The girlfriend of Brandon Williams, Shanice East was born on July 13, 2002, in Manchester, England. It does make Cancer her zodiac sign and English her nationality. She does share her birthday with the likes of Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Sezen Aksu and more. She does represent white ethnicity, following the Christian religion. Currently, her age is 20 years. As Cancer is her zodiac sign, Ruby is the gemstone that does work very well with her but the world has not seen him wearing that at all. It does tell a lot about Shanice and the life does live. July of 13 makes her share the birthday with Harrison Ford, Guillermo Ochoa, Patrick Stewart, Carmen Villalobos and many others. Shanice is now a famous model, the world knows her as the girlfriend of Brandon Williams, who is a very popular name in football due to his association with Manchester United.

Brandon Williams Girlfriend: Physical Stats of Shanice East

  • Shanice East is a very good-looking lady, standing 5 feet and 2 inches tall.
  • Being a model, she does take care of her body very well. She does weigh around 50 kg.
  • Shanice does train on a regular basis for staying fit.
  • She does have dark brown eyes and hair.
  • The girlfriend of Brandon Williams has a feet size of 8 (US).
  • Her body measurements are 34-26-34 inches.
  • She has done lip jobs and other types of cosmetic sugary on her body.
  • She has not had many tattoos. It feels as if she is not a big fan of tattoos.
  • She does not smoke – but does like a bit of alcohol.

“Fitness for me is all about staying fit and ready for the world at the the very best level, so we can set right examples and being a partner of a football player, I feel there is extra burden of making the body feet and stay fit. Otherwise, the future does not look great from fitness angle,” she said.

Brandon Williams Girlfriend: Family of Shanice East

Shanice East, who is the girlfriend of Brandon Williams, was born and bred in Manchester, England. Declan East is her father and Rita East is her mother. She has a younger brother named Magic East. He was named after NBA legend Magic Johnson as his father is a huge basketball fan too.

However, even from a very young age, she did know to respect money. She did grow up in a very stable family. Hence, she did get most things she asked for. But then too she decided to make her career as a model.

Watching models and cartoons was her best thing while growing up. She did go to school but never had the aroma of studying as modelling was her only focus. She does see Kim Kardashian as her inspiration. 

“I am very connected to my father. He is the one who has given me this great life and hence, I can’t say much about his amazing love for me,” she said.

Brandon Williams Girlfriend: Education of Shanice East

Brandon Williams Girlfriend Shanice East did take all her education from the city of Manchester. Education Lifeguards was her first place to get an education. Then she went to King David School, Manchester, for getting an education. She did also go to Oswald Road Primary School. At school, her main aim was to gain knowledge about modelling and how to be great in extracurricular activities. However, maths was the subject she did like the most. However, she was not a topper at school but used to be kind of in the middle. She then started her career in modelling and left her studies behind as it was her only long-term aim. As soon as she reached that level, her studies were left far behind.


“I did like my school days. Those day were great and precious in many ways for which I am very thankful to the God,” she said.

Brandon Williams Girlfriend: Love Life of Shanice East

Shanice East became the girlfriend of Brandon Williams in 2020. They fell in love and did create many moments to follow. Shanice has helped Brandon to become a better person. It has helped him on and off the football pitch. Both do live together in Manchester. In the 2021-22 season, when Bredon joined Norwich City on a season-long loan, even Shanice did move with him. However, the permanent place he has to live in Manchester. As Brandon is earning millions of pounds, it is helping Shanice to live a very good life much more than what it was (rich too). Even from her parental side, she is very rich. They did meet at a party where both started to talk with each other and started to know each other.

“I am in love with Brandon and will be forever as what he can do is just too inspiring for me to work on,” she said.

Brandon Williams Girlfriend: Pro Career of Shanice East

Shanice East is a famous English model. Much credit for her fame goes to her boyfriend Brandon Williams. Being a WAG, it does help a person around the world to become famous.

Brandon Williams Girlfriend
Brandon Williams Girlfriend

Being a model, she has done so many photoshoots. Also, after being the girlfriend of Brandon Williams, many brands do like to associate with her even more as her reach on social media is very good. She did start her modelling career at a very young age. Hence, it has allowed her to become even better. 

She does models for Fashion NOVA. Her career is managed by M MODELS INFLUENCERS. She doe see Kim Kardashian as her inspiration and hence, Shanice has opted to make a body like her to a level.

She does work for several modelling brands and the profile of her boyfriend helps her to achieve the level which does make her job very easy as a model.

Social Media

The girlfriend of Brandon Williams, Shanice East, has over 83k followers on Instagram. She does like to post pictures of her professional work. She does like to live that lavish life many do crave. 

One can see sharing pictures of her modelling life mostly on Instagram. It is all about her work with Fashion NOVA and other major brands. From her bikini shoots to great holidays, one can see everything on Instagram account. She is that career driven that one can’t see anything about her family life on Instagram unlike other WAGS. It is also the place where one can DM her for business-related queries.

Net Worth

Shanice East’s, the girlfriend of Brandon Williams, net worth is estimated at around USD 1 million. It is her father who did land her this money when she turned 18.

Her boyfriend is rich and does help her very much to be a name in her field. Also, she does earn very well. Brandon Williams has a net worth of 5 Million Euro (4.5 Million Pound). As he is playing in the Premier League, the very factor is making his richer every year. Shanice is a huge fan of luxury and does like to have expensive begs, footwear, dresses and more. She does like take rides in Brandon’s sports car. This does tell a lot about the money he is earning and how well it helping Shanice to live a life in peace. The pair does love to spend holidays in luxury locations in the summer when the football season is off for about two months in Europe – June and July.

Boyfriend: Brandon Williams 

Brandon Williams is a famous English player; he is known to be a loyal Manchester United player as he came from the club’s academy. Brandon made his debut for the Red Devils in 2019. He did play 21 times in the Premier League before making a season-long loan to Norwich City, where he did become a better left-back. However, Brandon can play a right-back too.

He has played for England’s Under 20 and 21 sides. When she started his career at Man United, the fans left that as he is a two-footed full-back it would help the club to solve some problems. However, soon they got to know that he would be a better player on just one side. Hence, it has taken his success map of Brandon to a very strange level, where can be at many Premier League clubs – but he wants to play for his position at Man United being the local boy for the club, whose mother and father came from a working-class background.

Brandon Williams was born on 3 September 2000 in Manchester, United Kingdom. He is a prime example of a football player in a big academy and then making a name in the first-team squad.

Hobbies and Trivia    

  • The girlfriend of Brandon Williams, Shanice East, does like to go to the places where the beach is or she likes Dubai. 
  • Her hobbies are hanging out with friends and visiting new places. 
  • She is obsessed with quality of the life. 
  • She does like to do cosmetic surgeries and has done. 
  • Pink and red are her beloved colours. 
  • She does enjoy most kinds of cuisines. 
  • Shanice became Brandon Williams’ girlfriend in 2020. 


Q Who is Shanice East?

Shanice East is famous for being the girlfriend of Manchester United player Brandon Williams.


Q Who is Brandon Williams girlfriend?


Shanice East is the girlfriend of Man United full-back Brandon Williams. The pair lives in Manchester, England.


Q Does Brandon Williams still play for Manchester United?

Brandon Williams has a contract at Man United until the summer of 2024. It means that he still has a chance to make an impact at United.


Q What does Shanice East do?

Shanice East is a professional English model.


Q What is Shanice East age?

Shanice East is 20 years old.

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