Cloud Outage Questions: Which Cloud Has the Most Outages?

According to insurance provider Lloyd’s, an extended cloud outage would cost the cloud industry $15bn.

Outages would hit smaller businesses the hardest with up to 63% losses for one cyber incident. The manufacturing market would be affected the most with a financial cost of $8.6bn.

Lloyd’s published their report three years ago and their predictions are proving to be true in 2021.

The top cloud service providers have all suffered at least one cloud outage over the past twelve months. But which cloud company has the most outages?

Read on to learn how Microsoft Azure fairs compared to AWS. See how the Salesforce outage affected thousands of customers. And why downtime at Google will affect almost everyone.

Microsoft Cloud Outage Woes

Microsoft’s Azure platform suffered some major embarrassments this year due to unplanned downtime.

On February 4th, most of North America was refused access to join meetings in Microsoft Teams. A few weeks later the service prevented instant chat messages. Then in March, Teams and Office 365 collaboration tools stopped working due to another outage.

April brought more woes to the Redmond firm as a DNS issue stopped Microsoft’s major cloud services for 5 hours.

Amazon Cloud Service Outage

Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers services like Netflix and Airbnb, so when it stops working, it impacts many users.

July 12th, 2021 saw a 2-hour disruption to AWS that even crippled shopping pages. Thirty-eight thousand people filed cloud outage reports. That followed on from downtime in late June which affected Alexa and Prime services.

AWS also went down on October 12th for some users.

A 504 Gateway Timeout message appeared. Unfortunately, the company’s status page stated that everything was fine.

Learn more here about other Amazon cloud service outages and affected areas.

Disrupting Salesforce Cloud Outage

May 11th wasn’t the finest day for CRM platform Salesforce.

The widespread outage caused havoc for users trying to access business data. Salesforce’s status page also went offline forcing them to communicate via Twitter.

The problem centered on a DNS issue which is the cause of most cloud outage instances.

Major IBM Cloud Outage

IBM suffered its own downtime issues in June. Unfortunately, the company did not address the issue at first leaving users frustrated.

Ironically, IBM’s own marketing states that its IBM Z computer can remain online indefinitely. The tagline ‘can you afford even one hour of downtime?’ flies in the face of this major outage.

Google Cloud Outages 2021

Google Drive and Google Docs staggered to halt in April leading to major disruption for users.

Although this outage did not affect Gmail and other high-profile apps, the downtime gave cause for concern. The search engine giant also experienced issues four months prior when G-Suite stopped working.

Google Search suffers from lag on occasion too.

On Nov 9th, over 5,000 users reported painfully slow loading time for the main Google homepage. Some reports also stated that Gmail, Photos, Drive, etc. are inaccessible too.

More Cloud Server News

In today’s connected world, a cloud outage will severely impact users on a global scale.

From electrical storms causing a power outage in St Cloud, MN to DNS issues, causes vary. Even the main providers are guilty of not offering an uninterrupted service. That’s why it’s essential to check your cloud service’s outage statistics and move to the best performer.

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