How Do I Find the Best Emergency Dentist Near Me?         

One of the hardest things about a dental emergency is finding a professional who can expertly help you with your dental issues and provide the proper care. While suffering from the problem already, you’d not want to waste time finding an expert who can treat your bleeding tooth or severe toothache. 

The best solution is to find a dentist near your home. Here is where Teledentistry steps in to help you find the best emergency dentist near you.

Things to keep in mind while finding an emergency dentist

Here is the list of essential factors to consider when looking for a qualified expert who can get the proper treatment for your emergency dental problem.  

  1. Speak to your known ones to get potential options

Reach out to neighbors, friends, and family members to get references about an emergency dentist in or around your area. You may get some potential options if they have taken consultation. Ask about their experience and determine what kind of services they received from the professional. 

Besides, ask the following questions:

  • Whether the professional was polite while treating the condition? 
  • Did they offer professional services? 
  • Did they diagnose the issue expertly? 
  • How much time did it take to get a solution?

If you are still looking for good recommendations from friends or family, search for the options online. The simple way is to Google using a keyword like “emergency dentist near me” or anything similar.

  1. Look for experienced and qualified professionals

While researching your options for emergency dentists, consider their training and qualification. The dentist should be graduated from a well-recognized institution. If they graduated decades ago, find out whether or not they are up-to-date with the latest technologies, techniques, and procedures used in dental treatments.  

The professionals should focus on offering their clients the best in class services. In addition, they should have hands-on industry experience too. Most importantly, consider their experience and specialization in emergency dental services. Find a dental expert who is expert at handling dental emergencies. 

Most importantly, they should have the tools and equipment required to handle all situations. Highly qualified and experienced professionals always plan for different dental emergencies. 

  1. Enquire about the consultation criteria and wait time

Go through the online reviews and check the comments about the consultation process. You would not like to wait for treatment or consultation, especially if your dental condition needs an immediate solution. A long waiting period may complicate the problem. 

Also, consider their working hours. Check out if they take off on weekends. The dentists that provide emergency care like to work for extended hours. Look for a dentist available 24×7 as emergency situations can occur at any time. 

  1. Look for a dentist who provides same-day appointments

You would expect instant or same-day appointments if you need immediate dental treatment. When it comes to a dental emergency, it’s impossible to wait a week or the next day. The dentist should be able to attend your call immediately or guarantee an appointment instantly whenever you are in need. They should also be able to accommodate your needs on priority during regular hours.

  1. Prioritize your comfort

It is advised to start looking for a professional early on as you never know when you may need emergency care. Book your consultation with a few shortlisted options for standard dental services such as teeth cleaning. Visiting the dental experts in person will give you a better idea of their abilities and service quality. 

While waiting for your appointment, notice the environment, service provided to other patients, hygiene, and cleanliness. Also, consider the number of people in the waiting room for their treatment. Look for another option if it’s a chaotic situation in the waiting room. 

Make sure the staff members are kind and friendly. They should be patient and calm while handling the patients. No one would want additional stress while already suffering from severe dental problems.

  1. Check the location of the dentist’s clinic 

Location is undoubtedly the most crucial point when finding dentists near you. It’s not wise to consider an emergency dentist if their clinic is far from your place. Every single minute is precious when you have a dental emergency. 

Look for a qualified dental expert near your workplace or home. Check their location on Google Maps and determine the driving distance from your place. The dental clinic should be less than 30 minutes away. 

  1. Check out what dental emergencies the professional handles

Not every condition can be categorized as a dental emergency. Hence, it is advised to check the emergency dental care services provided by the professional before finalizing your option. Look for a professional who is an expert at handling a wide range of conditions. Generally, the following conditions are considered dental emergencies.

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Tooth or gum abscesses
  • Bleeding mouths
  • Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth
  • Facial swelling
  • Broken braces
  • Lost crowns or fillings
  1. Go through the before and after sample pictures of the treatments given to other patients 

Feel free to ask the professional about their previous works. Go through their portfolio carefully and determine what kind of dental emergency cases they handled before. Also, enquire about the side effects, risk level, and benefits of the different treatments offered by them for emergency cases. Be realistic about the achievable results and treatment outcomes.

  1. Consider your budget 

There is no point in considering a dental practitioner whose pricing doesn’t fit your budget. Plus, determine whether or not their services are covered under your insurance plan. It’s best to visit the official website of the dental expert to learn about the financing options and service costs. Compare the pricing and service quality when making the final decision. Paying a little extra amount for a qualified dentist is a good deal, though. 


Once you find your ideal dentist and discuss everything with the professional, trust your instincts when making the final decision. When you finally decide to go ahead with the chosen option, have faith in the professional’s treatment. Be optimistic about the outcome of the solutions provided by the expert. Feel free to get details about the procedure and treatment.  

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