How to Be More Confident in Your Body: A Basic Guide

10% of women don’t feel confident while being intimate with their partner.

In addition to sexy time, many women don’t feel confident in their bodies when they’re at the beach or gym either. Modern media has convinced women they should be a certain size and look a certain way.

And it’s not just women who feel uncomfortable! Many men feel insecure when hanging out with their friends or as they sit in front of a potential partner on a new date.

It’s time for everyone to take their power back. Below is a guide on how to be more confident in your body.

Be Grateful for Your Body

Even if you don’t exude ultimate body confidence, a great place to start for building confidence is being grateful for what your body can do!

Your feet walk you around your favorite park. Your arms carry your kitten or newborn baby. Your stomach holds all the delicious food you ate with your family.

Thank your body for what it does each day. Become friends with your body.

Do What Feels Good

Confident people don’t focus entirely on what looks good. They focus on what feels good.

For example, we know our body feels better when we nourish it with healthy foods with lots of vitamins. Our body prefers lean meat, fresh vegetables, and natural fruits over too many processed goods. (It sometimes enjoys the occasional piece of cake, and that’s okay too!)

Our body also feels good when we move it. It may enjoy walking with a dog, dancing to an upbeat song, or biking to the nearest coffee shop.

Focus on what feels good for your soul and body.

Make Decisions for Yourself

When learning how to feel confident, make decisions for yourself. Choose to alter your appearance when YOU want to alter your appearance, whether that’s getting a fat transfer by Dr. David Amron or shaving your head.

It’s draining living our life according to other people’s standards. Plus, relying on the desires of other people only motivates us so much. We find the ultimate motivation and confidence inside our own desires.

The next time you’re speaking negatively to yourself, ask yourself if you’re upset because of someone else’s expectations. Then ask yourself about your own goals and how you can reach them.

And remember, sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it. One day you’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and start to like what you see.

Feelin’ Good: How to Be More Confident in Your Body

Modern media and the influence of other people make learning how to be more confident in your body difficult. Remember to have patience and grace with yourself throughout your journey of self-love.

Do what makes you feel good, and never do anything because you feel like someone else expects you to change. And never forget to thank your body for what it does each day.

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