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Maya Ibuki

Manga are great pieces of work which have illustrations of the character, with excellent story and perfect storytelling cues. They are popular all around the world despite their origins being from Japan. There are many characters which are ever loving and popular even today. One such hugely admired character is Maya Ibuki from one of the Japanese manga. Let us know more details about her.


Character Origins: Maya Ibuki


Maya Ibuki is first seen in the first episode of the manga franchise ”Neon  Genesis Evangelion’. She appeared in the very first episode as one of the three computer technicians working in the NERV organisation. She also works as assistant to the special scientist in the organisation Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. Maya is ranked as first lieutenant and has specialisation in computer and technical work in the organisation. She always appears with a laptop and with an ever smiling bright face in the NERV Headquarters.


Character Backhistory: Maya Ibuki


There is not much of a serious story line behind Maya. She was just a smart Computer techie person in this manga world, where she had to work under Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. Later in the story, she discovers many of the secrets which are not that clear, as she has the access to all the files but she is not permitted to open them. She works under the guidance of Dr. Ritsuko and she can not trespass into the confidential files, hence she is always smart and not aggressive with such situations. She is quite a young person with very girly fantasies with her boyfriend and she is always smiling without any stress while working or not.


Character Appearance: Maya Ibuki


Maya Ibuki is just 24 year old but does not even look like that age. She resembles a college teen who is just 18 years old. Maya Ibuki is short in height, around 5 ft 3 inches.she has beautiful blue eyes and her attire totally justifies her appearance of techie professional. She dresses herself very formally and covers her entire body with light colours. With the addition of her short hair, and her little amateur cues while conversing, she surely sounds like a rookie at work. She always has a bright smile on her face and never tumbles with work pressure. She obeys to her boss Dr. Ritsuko with utmost respect and never crosses her limits.

Maya Ibuki


Character Personality


The character of Maya is a very smart, simple yet lovely young woman who works under Dr. Ritsuko Agaki. She never disobeys or crosses limits with her working career. She is very sincere and faithful to the organisation she is working. Even though she has access to many of the confidential files, she never misuses her access and stays within the organisation’s rules. She is very cheerful and very optimistic in nature. Talking about her nature, she is very sensitive with humans and living species, hence she never hurts them knowingly or unknowingly. Even during the battle with Eva, she refused to fight as it would mean that it would hurt Eva.


Character Popularity


The popularity for this character is in good numbers. Although she is not the main character of the manga franchise and she is just an assistant to another important character, she surely has left her mark with her presence as a lovely, cheerful and positive expecting little young woman. She is loyal and truthful throughout the storyline, making her easily the most trustable and lovable character of the manga.

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