Online Bookkeeping Services Vs. Manual Bookkeeping Services

Summary: Bookkeeping and accounting services were traditionally a manual process that relied on paper books to record daily business transactions, whereas major advancements can be seen in business technology that has been made in finance and accounting systems. So, let us explore more about online and manual bookkeeping systems to choose the best recourse for your business.

As we all know, accounting and bookkeeping are methods for business owners to handle financial transactions. Bookkeeping records help businesses monitor, report and evaluate their companies’ financial data. Companies frequently generate multiple parts of financial data from financial transactions, which they can then compile into ledger accounts and journals. Bookkeeping and accounting were traditionally manual processes that relied on paper books and files to record financial data; however, major advancements in business technology have given rise to automated systems and rendered manual processes outdated. Online bookkeeping, whether managed in-house or with the help of an online bookkeeping services provider, streamlines the processes and enhances the records’ accuracy. So, let us explore more about online and manual bookkeeping systems to understand which one is better for your business!

What is meant by online bookkeeping?

Online bookkeeping refers to managing a business’s books of accounts via online software and systems. Though the online bookkeeping process can be handled in-house, relying on an online bookkeeping services provider adds to the benefits of the process. An expert online bookkeeping services provider offers expert bookkeeping services to clients from distant areas using online systems. Since several entities are switching to cloud-based platforms to meet their expectations, virtual roles are growing more famous. Online bookkeeping services could benefit both the business and the bookkeeper in terms of adaptability and affordability. 

The online bookkeeping and accounting services providers get access to the business’s software and financial records to handle their books digitally. The online bookkeeper can also suggest software based on the business’s needs. They use their own devices to organize and maintain the books of accounts for the businesses from their own locations. Cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping systems have made it even easier to handle the books of accounts virtually from remote locations.

What is meant by manual bookkeeping?

Manual bookkeeping is a system for tracking daily business transactions via the manual process using the pen-paper method. It does not include the usage of a computerized system; the transactions are manually recorded in books of accounts using only a compiled ledger of the transactions, paper documents, pads of paper, and journals. A manual accounting system will frequently have multiple transactional data with multiple books to record various forms of accounts, like as payroll or purchases. The data from such ledger accounts will be applied to prepare the company’s financial statements. 

As manual bookkeeping systems seem less expensive than highly specialized accounting software, small-scale businesses may adopt them to cut costs like personal computers, license agreement fees, and personnel training. However, the manual process is more susceptible to errors and security issues, and they also face serious storage issues, making it costlier than the online system. 

Online bookkeeping vs. manual bookkeeping 

Here are some of the key differences between online bookkeeping and manual bookkeeping:

  1. Time-consuming: Manual bookkeeping is a time-consuming process, and the records are kept manually by using the physical form of account books, which can sometimes be inaccurate, whereas, with online bookkeeping, the process is now much faster, more efficient, and simple. By using up-to-date software, all data is kept precisely and systematically.
  2. Better accuracy: In manual bookkeeping, account balances must be manually entered in records during this procedure, which is time-consuming and has a risk of mistakes. On the other hand, when you use an online bookkeeping system, the procedure relies on accounting software, and the trial balance is generated automatically, providing a good accuracy level.

Benefits of online bookkeeping services

We have already mentioned how operating with an online bookkeeper can help you save money while giving you more convenience and flexibility. Just let us drill down a little deeper into the most significant advantages of having online bookkeeping services.

  1. Updated books: Online bookkeepers have easy access to your account statements, invoices, and receipts using cloud-based accounting software, enabling them to keep updating your books of accounts fastly. You would not have to rush to arrange your documents in time for tax filing or audit; thus, hiring an online bookkeeping service means getting a dedicated person to handle your day-to-day business transactions.
  2. Accurate financial reports: Online bookkeeping services and cloud-based accounting software complement each other. It signifies that you and your online bookkeeper can connect using software like QuickBooks Online or Xero. Advanced accounting software such as these allows online bookkeepers to devote less time manually entering data, which enhances accuracy by minimizing human errors when preparing financial statements and reports.
  3. Cost-saving: Online bookkeeping and accounting services enable you to collaborate with accounting and bookkeeping experts from outside your location, allowing you to explore the best match for your budget and requirements. The reduced errors and enhanced accuracy also helps save costs that might otherwise be spent on fines and penalties due to inaccurate records.


So here we go with the difference between online bookkeeping and manual bookkeeping and the advantages of online bookkeeping services for businesses. You must innovate new and efficient strategies to enhance your activities to keep up with the competition. Online bookkeeping service providers are highly skilled and trained professionals with years of experience. Their commitment to your company will propel it to new levels of achievement.

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