Popular tennis bets: types and features

Tennis is popular among bettors. It is attractive because it is usually enough to get acquainted with the facts about just two opponents for a productive bet. Competitions are held throughout the year, and tournaments are held in different parts of the world, including – indoors, where there is no influence of the weather factor.

That is why tennis predictions are becoming more and more popular. But to successfully play tennis betting, you need to understand all the nuances of this sport discipline, as well as understand all types of bets offered by betting companies.

Types of bets on tennis

During the existence of betting, players have developed many strategies that can be used for successful betting on tennis. Predicting the result in this sport is easier than, for example, in hockey or volleyball, and refereeing errors, even if they happen, do not have a strong influence on the outcome of the meeting.

It is always important not only to analyze, but also to choose the right type of bet. Among the options there are often the following types of bets:

  • main outcomes;
  • the exact score in sets;
  • the exact score in games in the first set;
  • bets with handicaps;
  • totals;
  • the number of aces;
  • double faults;
  • accuracy of the first serve.

There are more exotic variations of betting on top games. But this variation is typical for WTA, ATP and Grand Slam Cup tournaments. For all other meetings, bookmakers are limited to a few basic options.

Bets on the winner of the match

In this case, everything is elementary – the player must correctly predict who will win in the confrontation, choosing one option out of the two offered. It is not necessary to predict the score.

There are no draw outcomes in tennis. This specificity makes match prediction easier.


The main task of the bettor is to predict whether the number of games played will be different from the one offered by the bookmaker. Totals can be half and whole:

  • for halves – the result is either a win or a loss;
  • for whole – the possibility of return is possible.

The bets are made on the whole game or individual sets. Individual totals are distinguished separately.

Betting with handicaps

Bookmakers set in advance a certain handicap (plus or minus) on the quantitative indicators. With a minus handicap the sportsman must win with an advantage in games not less than the specified number, with a plus handicap – it is the opposite, the tennis player must not lose with a difference greater than the declared. You can bet on the whole game as well as on individual sets.

Score by set

In this type of bets, it is necessary to predict the exact score in sets. Each period is played to six points. If the score is fixed at 6:5, the game continues and there are two variations of events:

  • the leading tennis player wins 7:5 and wins the set;
  • the trailing sportsman evens the score to 6:6 and the decisive point is played in the tie-break.

This factor is taken into consideration in the betting.

Scores 24: a reliable assistant for tennis betting fans

To increase the success of bets, even experienced bettors use predictions from trusted services. One of the most reliable is considered an information and analytical resource Scores 24.

The upcoming events are analyzed by professional predictors, so the forecasts on the site often show high rates of accuracy. The resource will be useful for experienced cappers with a lot of relevant information. For example, there is a thorough analysis on each tennis match, information on the trends in the performance of sportsmen, physical condition, history of face-to-face meetings and much more.

Newcomers in betting can use the site to easily get into the specifics of tennis betting. This will help learn how to predict upcoming matches, increasing the chances of winning.

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