Pork Parts: What Are the Edible Parts of the Pig?

Pork is the most widely consumed type of meat in the world. Using pork as the main dish for a Thanksgiving dinner or a major event is a great choice. If cooked right, pork can be a delicacy that many enjoy.

Some people have reservations when it comes to pork because of its high-fat content. It’s wise to know how to navigate through different pork parts. This way, you will leave guests craving for more.

Not all pig parts are edible. Read through this guide to learn about the edible parts of a pig.

  1. The Pork Loin

The loin is the pig’s main back region. You can get good loin chops from this pork part.

If you love roasted meat, then try using pork cuts from the loin next time. Besides, you can get some bacon from this part.

  1. The Belly Part

The belly falls below the loin area. It’s thoroughly washed before the removal of some parts. You can cut the remaining parts into strips.

The ends of the belly are great for making bacon. Also, the belly makes a good roasting joint.

  1. Shoulder Region

This is one of the most usable parts of a pig. The ribs make good roasting joints. Meat processors get bacon from the lower neck region and the share ribs.

For delicious chops, you can use pork cuts from the shoulder region.

  1. The Head

Eating pork can be tricky when it comes to some edible parts of a pig-like head. Yet most people have admitted that the head is a delicacy.

You can cut the cheek to get a pork jowl and deep fry the jowl for a delicious dinner. Most people roast the whole head. However, you can cut off the ears and bake them till they are crisp and golden.

  1. Ham Region

Ham is the pork region that is between the loin and the tail. It also has a big chunk of legs in it have for the trotters.

For a fully mature pig, this part is mainly tender meat. This is the main reason why they are a chef’s favorite part.

For an outdoor party, you can roast big chunks of ham. They are easy to cook, and the results are amazing.

Besides, you can smoke or salt pork cuts from this part to make cured harm. People use pork cuts from the boned-out legs to make gammon.

  1. The Hock

The hock is the hand or front legs of a pig and it’s good for sausage meat. Meat processors cure the bony part to get the ham to get gammon. You can also make salamis from hock meat.

  1. Trotters and Tail Pork Parts

For most people, these are the least desirable out of all pig parts. You can cook them by boiling them for a long time to get tender pieces.

Enjoy Edible Pig Parts!

The above compiles a list of all edible pig parts. Pork is a good choice if you prepare it the right way. It’s advisable to cook different pork parts in various ways to get the best results.

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