Reasons for the popularity of tennis in betting

In betting tennis is the second place after soccer by the number of bets, so tennis predictions today are quite in demand. Professionals say with confidence that it is possible to keep a profit on this sport discipline for long distances.

Tennis attracts by the fact that it has practically an uninterrupted playing season, except for a couple of weeks at the end of the year, and even then, some tournaments are held during this period. In addition, tennis is regularly broadcasted, which is a big advantage for betting fans, especially when it comes to the live mode.

What attracts to tennis betting

Tennis refers to an individual sport, where the responsibility for the result of the game lies on only one sportsman. Everything depends directly on his sports form, mood, motivation and professionalism. For bettors, this means that when making a prediction and determining the winner, you need to keep track of the form of not 22 players, but only two. The main advantages of tennis betting are:

  • Lack of off-season. Meetings at different levels take place every day almost without interruption.
  • Available information. It is convenient to collect it on various information resources, such as Scores24. And not in such large quantities, as for team sports. After all, it is worth studying the statistics and news about the two opponents who will be facing each other. It is important to understand the physical and emotional form of tennis players, their tactics and style of play.
  • Simple analysis. If you follow general advice from professionals, the analysis process will not be very long, and the prediction will be of high quality. There is no need to scatter your attention on all the sportsmen, it is better to select no more than five. It is not necessarily the top players, it is enough to pay attention to young and promising players. And above all, keep an eye on the main indices: favorite type of coverage, priority championships, tactics of play (how fast a player serves, the game at the net, first serve percentage, the main working arm).
  • Ready-made game theories. It is possible to use ready-made strategies, but bettors can develop them on their own, if they wish and can.
  • An excellent coverage at bookmakers. In general, all bookmakers try to offer clients attractive conditions for playing on tennis bets. A special attention is paid to popular live bets. Often, betting companies offer online broadcasts.

If to be as attentive as possible, regularly follow the form of the selected players, analyzing the characteristics of opponents, professional bettors can often discover betting mistakes, on which they earn quite good money.

Disadvantages of tennis betting

The most basic disadvantage is that the first match starts at a clearly scheduled time, and all others wait until the first match is over. This means that the time is delayed and there is no clear indication of the start time of the next one, and by that time the weather may suddenly change or night falls. Accordingly, the matches are postponed to the next day. In this case, bets are not refundable, and bettors need to wait for the start and end of a particular match.

There is also the disadvantage that it is a solo sport. In a team, the bad form of one player does not really affect the result, but in a solo – the cancellation of the meeting or a bad game. The bet placed is also not returned or the chances of losing are increased.

Making tennis the main direction in the world of betting, each player, gaining knowledge and experience, can quite really achieve good results. To do this, it is very important to determine a strategy, cooperate with a reliable bookmaker, and choose betting as carefully as possible for analysis. And of course, do not forget about the correct financial strategy. Only adhering to the basic rules on tennis betting, it is quite real to get a good income.



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