This is why you should start meditating every single day.  

I’m sure there are plenty of people that will tell you they achieved a spiritual awakening when they listened to Tame Impala Currents, but if you want to achieve real mindfulness, meditation is the way to go. 

Meditation is an age-old practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. When practiced consistently, it has been proven to create a sense of balance and stillness in your mind. 

Improve your emotional wellbeing  

It is easy for the mind to become overwhelmed with emotion and overloaded with information.  Through regular meditation, you can begin to keep a clear mind, while learning to understand and regulate your emotions. 

Some of the benefits meditation can have on your emotion include: 

  • Developing fresh perspectives on stressful situations 
  • Managing stress and emotions 
  • Building self-awareness 
  • Becoming more present at the moment 
  • Release negative emotions 
  • Develop imagination and creativity 
  • Build patience and tolerance 

Improve physical and mental health  

If you suffer from mental or physical illness, meditation is believed to have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing, particularly if you suffer from an illness that worsens with stress. 

There is plenty of research that suggests meditation can have genuine, lasting benefits for your health, especially for those who suffer from conditions including anxiety, asthma, depression,  heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, and even cancer. 

Develop your brain  

After just a few days of meditation, you are likely to notice that your concentration and attention span has improved. In the digital age, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, brain fog is  becoming an ever-present aspect of our lives that we are expected to deal with while remaining at the same level of productivity.  

Fortunately, a recent study found that after just two weeks of meditation, there was a noticeable increase in memory and concentration. It makes sense because one of the central components of meditation is the practice of maintaining focus. 

Limit negative brain activity  

Everybody has a “me” center in their brain. It is the part of the mind that processes self-referential thoughts, such as worrying about the past and future. It is often difficult to notice when you begin to have such thoughts because it is something most people do multiple times a day. It’s normal.  But these thoughts have also been found to result in lower overall levels of happiness.  

But when you meditate regularly, you begin to notice when your mind wanders, and it also becomes easier to snap out of it, and bring calmness to your mind. 

Start meditating today and you will notice the benefits.

There is an abundance of meditation apps that you can subscribe to on the app store, or you can download free meditation sessions using a YouTube to mp3 converter.

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