What Are the Different Types of Wetsuits That Divers Use Today?

Diving is a hobby that can be used for both recreation and recovery. This is a skill that comes in handy in several ways. That is the reason that so many individuals decide to take a chance on it.

The only thing is, those water temperatures can oven be unbearable for the human body to handle. This is the reason that divers opt for wetsuits. They are reliable protection to prevent exposure.

To get the most out of your diving endeavors, it’s important to be prepared. This is the reason that familiarizing yourself with the different types of wetsuits is so important. Before you decide to take that deep dive, let’s look into the specifics.

What Is a Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is a piece of clothing that is worn to protect you while in the water. It is comprised of specific types of waterproof materials that provide protection when exposed to the elements. Divers, swimmers, surfers, and other water enthusiasts use these types of suits while partaking in water sports.

The diving industry and the surfing industry both benefit from wetsuits. They are integral to both of these hobbies. Knowing the different types of wetsuits will help you when it comes to choosing which you need for your adventures.

Let’s explore the best wetsuits for your needs.

Types of Wetsuits

If you intend to do any type of deep sea diving you’re going to want a full wetsuit. This is a hooded wetsuit that will lock out any moisture from touching your body. Considering that you lose most body heat from your head, this is a great idea for deep dives in cold water.

Next, is the full wetsuit. This doesn’t cover the diver’s head but it does cover the rest of the body. These suits are the most commonly purchased and used suits.

The Long John wetsuit is one that many boaters tend to consider. It is a full-body wetsuit that does not have sleeves. This leaves it so that the wearer has full range of motion with their arms.

A wetsuit that many surfers tend to gravitate towards is the springsuit. The springsuit is a short set wetsuit that gives enough coverage to protect the surfer from the water, but still allows for full range of motion in the legs.

The short john wetsuit is another that many surfers and other water sport enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards. These suits are short suits that leave the arms open for full mobility. It protects the wearer from the water while also giving the ability to move.

If you’re looking to get everyone involved in this hobby, then take a look at kids wetsuits here. There are options that will fit everyone’s personal choices.

Be informed of the types of wetsuits 

By knowing the types of wetsuits and their options you will be able to decide on the one that fits your conditions best. Take part in this activity with ease and reassurance.

For more details on your new hobby, or other hobbies in general, our blogs are here to help you make decisions. Take a look through and see what suits you best.


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