Motorcycle accidents are something that nobody ever wants to experience, but sadly, they occasionally are unavoidable. Unfortunately, riders on motorcycles are more likely to die in an accident or suffer life-threatening injuries than drivers of other types of vehicles. Read on to learn what you may do to limit injury, avert more danger, and stay out of problems with the law if you encounter a motorcycle accident in West Virginia.

Move to safety

The most important thing is to leave the accident scene safely, even if that means leaving your bike behind. An adrenaline rush will hit you when you first crash, and it can conceal even significant and life-threatening injuries.

Moving your motorcycle after an accident can taint the evidence. Although it may seem alarming, a motorcycle crash scene resembles a crime scene in many ways. Even if you don’t end up in court, your insurance company will probably ask for pictures of the initial crash site and any contributing or causative causes, so it’s best to leave everything as it is until the police write a report.

Keep your riding gear on

Most motorcycle riders will attempt to remove at least their helmets immediately following an accident. Because adrenaline may be concealing major injuries, this might result in dangerous harm to the head, neck, and spine. 

If an injury is present, even removing protective clothing, such as gloves and boots, can exacerbate the situation. The best plan of action is to make an effort to limit movement and safely get to a place where you can wait for help to arrive while resting in a neutral position.

Obtain Information

Compiling as much information about what occurred is vital for insurance and legal reasons. Ask someone whether they can use your phone to record videos and take photos of the scene. Even if you encountered a single-vehicle collision, you should still list everything that happened, from your bike to the automobile or motorcycle that hit you to any road obstacles. 

Help The Police Out

The police will likely call you at some time to obtain a statement. Be careful not to accept fault until you’ve had time to assess the incident, communicate with your insurance company, and consult an attorney if required. While it’s crucial to be truthful and forthright, you should also take care not to make any accusations before doing so.

Seek legal advice

Seeking the counsel of a Morgantown motorcycle accident lawyer may be necessary in case of a severe injury brought on by a secondary roadway user or an inappropriate roadway element. It’s vital to attempt to hold off on giving your entire opinions on the matter and any evidence you may have until after you’ve spoken with your attorney. 

In many cases, your legal counsel will subsequently assume control of correspondence with the opposing party and your insurance provider to settle the matter. If necessary, do it as soon as possible after the crash. Most legal representatives will also provide instructions on how and when to contact your insurance company.

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