Bitcoin 2021 May Have Been a ‘Super-Spreader Event’ for COVID-19

Some Bitcoin Miami Covid19stanleygizmodo

Fears are growing that a Bitcoin conference in Miami attended by 12,000 people could turn into a COVID-19 super-spreader event, after dozens of attendees reportedly tested positive for the virus in the days following. One attendee issued a Twitter warning this week, claiming that ‘everyone’ he interacted with during the three-day Bitcoin 2021 event, which featured guest speakers such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and former US Representative Ron Paul, had tested positive. It is unknown how many people he interacted with. However, details and data about positive cases linked to the conference are lacking, and Florida stopped providing daily COVID-19 updates on June 4, the first day of the convention. Some Bitcoin Miami Covid19stanleygizmodo.

The last reported number of positive cases in Miami-Dade County was 287, according to the New York Times COVID-19 tracker. The Miami-Dade County Health Department did not return’s request for information related to the conference on Friday morning. However reports on social media have suggested that a number of people who attended the conference may have been infected.

The largest Bitcoin event ever as well as one of the biggest events since the pandemic started was held at the Mana Wynwood convention centre in Miami’s arts and entertainment district. The majority of Americans are not fully immunized against COVID-19, and the CDC has almost completely lifted all restrictions on them, but there were no mask requirements or admission requirements for those who were. According to the NYT tracker, Florida’s adult vaccination rates are in the middle of the pack, at 50% fully vaccinated and 61% partially vaccinated. According to the CDC, Miami-Dade County has a vaccination rate of 30 to 30.9 percent.

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While Miami hosted the event, it attracted people from all over the country and even internationally, making an already-difficult task of pinpointing specific outbreaks even more challenging. While Florida officials and health experts sort out the issues, the event raises another issue – how should business conferences and vacations, particularly on cruises or indoor events, be run.

The Bitcoin event itself was the largest cryto-currency event. The controversial form of currency has an enthusiastic niche following that supports say is beyond the reach of government meddling. Noticeably absent was Elon Musk, who’s drawn the ire of the Bitcoin community after his tweets supporting, or dismissing the currencies, with his outsize influence sending the value of the alternative payment methods up or down accordingly.

This does indeed tell a lot how humans do not take care of things and create a magical impact. Hence, there is a feeling that government should think that this virus is still active and can make an impact in a small space or the whole city, which is indeed not a great way to see the world moving. As no one is asking questions about where it is coming (virus), one has to keep the events move in a right manner and spread the good text of love and devotion. This does tell a lot.

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