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Brianna Arsement with Husband Preston Blaine Arsement

Brianna Arsement is a famous YouTuber she makes “challenge” based videos in her early days. later She open her one more YouTube account name “Brianna Playz”. Due to her popularity, she gained instant fame and love on her new youtube channel, and gained 5.16 million followers. Brianna made her presence in all social media platform such as Instagram, TikTok, My Merch, Twitter and more. Hence, one can know the basic reasons behind her fame and why she is called one of the most famous social media personalities.

Brianna Arsement Bio

Brianna Arsement is a famous YouTuber and mega social media personality who is famous for doing challenging videos and gaming videos. Her full name is Brianna Paige Arsement. She was born on 2 January 1994 in Wichita Falls, Texas, United States. That makes her 29 years old. Also, Her zodiac sign is Capricorn and nationality is American.

Brianna Arsement
Famous YouTuber Brianna Arsement

“I am a girl who was born in Wichita Falls and it is YouTube is something that has made my profile what it is now, she said.

Brianna Arsement Height & Weight

Famous Brianna Arsement is a beautiful lady who is 5 feet and 6 inches (1.67m) tall. She now mostly weighs around 62 kg. Brianna comes up with blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is not a person who goes to the gym. She does like to wear red lipstick most of the time. Brianna has also done cosmetic surgery on the chicks which is evident on her face. But to keep her fitness goals active, she also do yoga.


“Fitness for me is all about living the life at best and managing things at a level where it makes me fit and creates the good look, which is all I need in life,” she said.


Brianna’s Early Life

Brianna Arsement did have a decent life before making an impact on the world of YouTube and social media. Her mother is a schoolteacher, while her father works as a physician. It does tell that she has the stability in life from the very beginning of her career. As she is the only child of her parents. She did spend her childhood in the state of Texas, US, where did like to have loan walks with her father in gardens and enjoyed watching movies at the theatres at the weekends.

“My life as a child was very funny and lovely. It did me all the happiness I asked for. Those were the days, I do love to recall the most as the memories are pure,” she said.

Brianna Arsement Education

It was Wichita Falls High School where Brianna did get graduation from. She then went on to manage things well at Texas Christian University, for higher studies, Brianna went to ‘Simons University’ which is in Boston.  She did get her Nurse Bachelor of Science in Nursing after that. It was UT Southwestern Medical Center which became a platform for her education. This does tell a lot about Brianna and the impact she does want to make. Despite she did become a famous YouTuber, Brianna did focus on her studies which do not happen with those who do become famous and start earning very well. Talking about Brianna’s education her teacher from Wichita did share some memories.

“Brianna (Arsement) was a very focused girl who always looked for something new in life, something that she did not have back then and it is what I call the key to her success that we all are proud of,” her teacher Sam Jones said.

Brianna Arsement Family

Brianna Arsement is blessed to have lovely parents. Her mother, Connie Barnhart, works as a schoolteacher and her father, Benny Barnhart, is a professional physician. As both father and mother worked as professionals, it did allow the only child of Connie and Benny to live a decent life. Getting good education and life was easy for her in a way.

Brianna does not have any siblings as she is the only child of her family and does have reasons to smile alone with her parents.

“I am the only child of my parents and it comes with pros and cons. There is no sibling fights, which is positive and it is a negative too,” Brianna said about not having a sibling.

Brianna Relationship with Husband Preston Arsement

Brianna Arsement is married to a famous YouTuber named Preston Blaine Arsement. He was born on 4 May 1994 (age 28 years). Preston height is 5 feet 10 inches tall and his weight is 61 kg.  Preston is one of the most famous YouTubers around the world. The pair did get engaged October 25th, 2017. They did marry on May 12, 2018, at ‘Dallas Union Station. They do not have any children as of now.

Preston is famous for making videos about challenges on her main channel – “Preston @PrestonYT”, where he has crossed over 23.2M subscribers. He does have a separate account for gaming “PrestonPlayz”. And it also has more than 14.2M subscribers.

Brianna Arsement
Brianna Arsement with her husband

He has written on the bio of his gaming YouTube handle: “Hi, I’m Preston! I love me some Jesus and play video games for a living.”

He did join PrestonPlayz on Mar 14, 2018. His first YouTube channel PrestonYT was made on Jul 4, 2012. Not just on YouTube, Brianna has millions of followers on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc. This does show that by just playing games, he has managed to have great fame and a name.

Brianna Arsement Professional Career

Brianna Arsement is a YouTuber who has got famous for doing challenge videos on her primary account and gaming videos on her secondary channel. Brianna did join YouTube on Dec 17, 2018, and in a short span, she has got over 8.86M subscribers on @BriannaYT.

She has also a gaming YouTube channel named as BriannaPlayz, where has holds over 5.13M subscribers. She did make this YouTube channel on June 14, 2019. As both of her YouTube channels are working very well, she has started to make millions of USD every year. As both husband and wife are on YouTube and make money from it, it has helped them to grow very well in their lives. However, Brianna did gain fame due to her husband Preston as it was him who led Brianna to start a YouTube channel and make a living from it as before that, she did not have a YouTube channel.

Brianna Arsement on Social Media

Brianna Arsement has an influential name on social media. She has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok etc. And who can forget her two YouTube channels where she has 5.13M millions of subscribers? And it is the main base for her and she does use the rest of her social media handles to keep on growing her base on YouTube. She was not a social media nerd. But marrying Peterson made her fall in love with it and now she is one of the best female social media influencers. She did start the journey in 2018 and has made a good name of herself. One can take a look at her other than YouTube social media links here: and TikTok.

Brianna Arsement Net Worth

As of 2023, Brianna Arsement holds a net worth of $2.3 million, and her husband Preston net worth is $23 million. And his net worth is becoming bigger and better after every single year as views from YouTube are taking a very good ride. She did join YouTube back in 2018 and it has become one of the biggest reasons behind her fame. She now has a collection of 90 luxury bags, 70 footwear and 67 expensive outfits. She, with her husband, has two sports cars and three other luxury cars. They do live in an expensive villa in the United States. Her husband’s net worth is 10 times bigger than hers, so it does show that they are living a very rich life. The main earnings of both do come from YouTube videos. They do help 3 NGOs in South America so the kids there can have basic rights to education. It does show the love they have for the charity.

Brianna Facts & Trivia

  • Brianna did start her YouTube journey on Dec 17, 2018, with @BriannaYT.
  • Preston is the husband of Brianna Paige. They did marry in 2018.
  • Brianna likes to play games, eat, and enjoy time with her friends the most.
  • Red, pink, and green are her beloved colours.
  • Brianna does also like to travel a lot Paris is her favorite destination.
  • Brianna is one of the most famous female YouTubers around the world.
  • She does sell her Merchandise at Bri Merch.
  • Brianna does like Italian, American, Mexican and Arabian cousins the most.
  • She is not a vegan or a vegetarian.
  • Brianna does like drinking wine the most.


Q What is the profession of Brianna Paige Arsement?

Brianna Paige Arsement is a YouTuber/social media personality. She is famous for playing video games and doing challenges on her two YouTube channels named BriannaYT and BriannaPlayz.

Q Who is Brianna Arsement’s Husband?

Brianna has a famous husband Preston Arsement, better known as Preston, who is also a YouTuber and is one of the most famous YouTubers.

Q What is prestonplayz real name?

Preston Blaine Arsement is his real name.

Q Does Brianna and Preston have a baby?

No, Brianna and Preston have not welcomed any child to their lives yet.

Q What is the name of song Brianna sung?

Brianna has sung songs like – “Truce” – Preston VS Brianna and BRIANNA – Lost in Istanbul.

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