College Memes: Traditional, Modern, Fun, Jokes

College Memes: Traditional, Modern, Fun, Jokes

Intro of College Memes

College is place to make fun, create memes and love the life. Many do say that it is the best life to live as one learns a lot about the life and makes friends for live. As human’s emotional intelligence is at its highest than ever at that time, it does help him to understand people better. With the age, a person does understand things better, so it makes him or her understand the value of a friend. Hence, College does seem to be the best place to live and create best memories possible. Hence, the value of making memes go 100 times higher than usual.

College Memes One Can Make:

  • A student after just two weeks into a College, trust me I am an engineer.
  • A College student giving the speech after getting the degree: Thank you Google, Vodka and Wiki for making it possible.
  • Why to end the College in four years, if it can be done in six years, students with back locks.
  • A lot people do go the College for seven years, a fun-loving student making jokes that turns into memes.
  • A college student after completing gradation: Oh, you just graduated, you must be knowing everything.
  • Pencil breaks down at the time of taking notes, gets up and leave.
  • It is not fair to have three midterms in a class, mid means middle and only once.
  • First year of College, final year of College. In the first year, it is all about simple nature, a person becomes wild in the final year.
  • One does not simply sleep in a College.
College Memes
College Memes: A collection!
  • A massive thank you to student loans for getting me out of the College. I do not think it is possible for me to repay you.
  • I do not study books as I love to read girls.
  • God why I am so cool, it is unfair to other boys who have girlfriends, unlike me.
  • Not buying a toothpaste in College is an art of managing things very well.
  • My biggest achievement at College was to use everybody’s soap for maintaining my bank balance of 10 USD.
  • God I am so cute that every girl calls me brother, so brave, so charming, so strong.
  • Girls love me more than others; hence, they like to go to the party with me, let me pay, dance with my friend and call me sweet brother in the end.

Why one should take it easily!

College memes can be a great way to live the life where there are challenges in front of young people. Hence, one needs to find the ways to make things better and create a plan that can make many people feel relaxed and then think about doing the best with their careers. It does take a lot to qualify for a job. Hence, memes can be the one that can make them happy and drive them for making this journey better. It is all about the collective effort of taking things to a stable level. Memes are modern way of joking which is indeed very important nowadays.

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