Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue: Ideas, Images, Jokes, Looks

jordan 11 low legend blue

ABOUT THE BRAND: Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue


The Air Jordan is one of the most popular or you can also the most popular athletic sports brand in the world right now. It mainly focused in making of basket ball shoes as the company is based on Michael Jordan – The legendary former basketball player. But now, Air Jordan makes all types of athletic things like clothing etc. It is an american corporation which is owned by Nike. The logo of air jordan is a shadow figure of Michael Jordan holding a basketball up in the air and jumping. The company originated in the November of 1984 which is almost 37 years ago! The first Air Jordan ever was made only for Michael Jordan when he was playing for the team Chicago Bulls. It was designed by Peter B. The success of the brand was so huge in the early years that they started making more Air Jordans and they still make it to this date.




The Jordan 11 Low legend blue was first worn by Michael Jordan during his 1996 all star game at the time. This was the time after his first retirement was over. This same sneaker got an update in 2021. The sneaker was actually called just Legend Blue 11 previously, but now after 2021 update, it is Jordan Low legend blue.



The Air Jordan 11 Low legend blue has an all white smooth leather on the upper part of the shoe. The leather is not only smooth but patent. The infamous jump man and the number “ 23 “ are printed on the back of the ankle part. The mid sole of the shoe is also white. And there is a translucent which makes the shoe look fabulous, which is icy white in colour. With this the entire design is complete.


At first look, the design is not very different from the original. It remains true to the original in a faithful manner. A difference you might notice is that the jump man silhouette logo is small, in the previous shoe it was large. The sole is some what see through. The vibe and tone of the shoe is very cool.

The ice cold color scheme and the frosty legend blue makes the shoe look gorgeous. The fun fact is that the insole of the shoe has an icon which marks the 25th anniversary of this silhouette.


PRICE : The updated Air Jordan 11 low legend blue debuted in the May of 2021 and it’s price in the US is $185 ( retail price) and in India it is available on the official Nike website for about 15,995 Rupees. But it is right now out of stock on the official website of Nike.

Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue




It is stylish and has a smooth, sleek look to it. The good part is that, the icy white and frosty blue are some colors that are easy to style with many different outfits. It is not very funky and people who like minimal designs will love it. But some users have reported that the front part of the foot feels a bit tight and the mid foot support is not very comfy. Some people consider the design to be too plain.

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