Satyadeep Mishra: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career

Satyadeep Mishra

Satyadeep Mishra: Intro

Satyadeep Mishra is a well-known television personality, actor, and star from India who has been a part of numerous TV programs and series. Indian-born Satyadeep was born on November 27, 1972, in Delhi. Satyadeep Mishra is 5′ 7″ tall, or 170 cm, or 1.70 meters tall. It weighs 158 pounds in pounds and 72 kilograms in kg. The Weight is subject to regular change, and we have here given the most recent figure. The eyes are totally opaque black. In addition, the hair is black in color.

His main clients are the Bollywood motion picture industry. His work on films like Ferrari Ki Sawaari, Love Breakups Zindagi, Chillar Party, Phobia, Madly, Bombay Velvet, Tigers, turning 30, No One Killed Jessica, etc. helped him become well-known. Additionally, Satyadeep Mishra appeared in “P.O.W. – Bandi Yuddh Ke” on television. Satyadeep attended St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, India. Actress Aditi Rao Hydari and Satyadeep Mishra wed in 2009; however, their divorce was finalized in 2013. Satyadeep is a Hindu by faith and a member of a Hindu household.


Satyadeep Mishra: Career


His ex wife Aditi Rao Hydari is a skilled Bharatanatyam dancer. When Aditi was five years old, she started taking Bharatanatyam classes with legendary dancer Leela Samson. Later, Aditi became a member of Samson’s dancing group, Spanda, where she gave dance lessons to students and performed on stage at various occasions.

His acting career began with a big screen appearance in the film “No One Killed Jessica,” which marked his acting debut. The financially lucrative film was based on the infamous Jessica Lal murder case. Additionally, the majority of its reviews were positive. In one of his previous roles, he played a cricket coach in a sports drama called “Ferrari ki Sawaari.” Despite receiving positive reviews, the psychological thriller film Phobia failed to make money at the box office.

Satyadeep Mishra


In 2014, he appeared in the Danis Tanovic-directed film “Tigers.” Emraan Hashmi, the film’s leading star, portrayed a Pakistani narcotics peddler in the part. When he finds out that his employer’s newborn formula has murdered hundreds of children, he starts a dangerous and solitary struggle with the company.

After that, he made an appearance in “Bombay Velvet,” a 2015 thriller directed by Anurag Kashyap. Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor played the roles of the movie’s main characters. The movie’s performance at the box office was a financial catastrophe. In the 2016 psychological thriller movie “Phobia,” he had a big part. The primary actress in the Pavan Kirpalani-directed movie was Radhika Apte. The film’s reviews from critics were positive.

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