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Bige nal

Bigenal: Bio

Bigenal was born on February 1st, 1990 in Istanbul. Erhan Nal, her father, played football in the past and was a former player for Galatasaray and Bayern Munich. Mine Baysan, her mother, had previously been a model. She was nine years old when the couple divorced and she joined there after completing her undergraduate studies at Istanbul Bilgi University and graduating from Saint-Benoît French High School.

She had her breakthrough performance as Yeliz in the 2010 TRT 1 television series Elde Var Hayat, but she was subsequently cast with AyçaBingöl, Mete Horozolu, Iker Kzmaz, and EkinKoç in BenimAdmGültepe. Bigenal hit a turning point in her career with the role of Nazl that she played. Nal plays Hayrunnisa, the hodja’s daughter, in the 2020 Netflix series “Ethos”. She loves her traditional parents and is in a relationship with another woman, but she also wants to leave her little village to go to college. She also enjoys listening to “world” music, and made her acting debut in the 2010 television series “Elde Var Hayat,” playing the part of Yeliz.

Bigenal: Things To Know

In addition, Bigenal has acted in a number of movies, most notably in “Love Is in the Air” and “Göç Zamani” (2016), “Tehlikeli Karm” (2018), and “Hakan: Muhafz” (2020). We met in Istanbul and Hakan, the Protector are two of these productions that are both accessible on Netflix. The hardest blow to BigeNal this year was the death of his father, Erhan Nal, a former player for Galatasaray and Bayern Munich. At the age of 63, the athlete went away from a cerebral hemorrhage in March. In Izmir, where he was born and nurtured, the former footballer’s family and friends attended his funeral. The actress passed out after saying her father’s final goodbye due to the trauma of his departure. HandeErçel traveled to Smyrna to make sure Beige was secure and to provide her support during this tough period. Your support was essential.

Bige nal

Bigenal Mega Look

Bigenal six-year romance with Aras Bulut, one of Turkey’s most well-known actors, came to an end in June of the same year after he lost his father in March 2021. A spokesman for the star denied rumors that he may have been unfaithful. However, at the end of October, both would have decided to give themselves a chance. The two would have traveled to Amsterdam, Holland, in order to be more collected. Over the course of a month, the performers visited art galleries, museums, and other local attractions.

her zodiac sign is Aquarius. The female Aquarius has a forward-looking perspective on life. She is overflowing with idealistic optimism and has the ability to use her convictions to change the way things turn out. She is willing to fight to the very end to accomplish her goals since she is incredibly confident in her ability to do it. Bi Hagen s the ability to present a fresh perspective. She doesn’t follow the rules and disregards tradition.

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hates the idea of being chained to a job and abhors working in offices. She’ll create her own route and confidently travel it. She is steadfast in her convictions.

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