How to achieve word-of-mouth marketing using digital channels?

E-mail marketing - How to achieve word-of-mouth marketing using digital channels?

While there is no shortfall of marketing or social media channels to talk about your brand, the word-of-mouth channels comprising your follower base require most of your efforts and focus.

Here is why it is so significant.

Do you know the three E’s of WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing)? These are engaging, equip, and empowering.

As you continue reading, we will discuss how to achieve success with word-of-mouth marketing using digital channels.

Ensuring your strong presence in such places gives people a good platform to talk about their good experiences with you and how your product has been helpful to them.

So, let us get started.

Email marketing 

Email marketing is an effective channel for encouraging your email subscribers or prospects to spread the word about your brand.

There are many ways to achieve this. For instance, you could reward people in your existing email list and the new users through referrals with remarkable offers.

This would encourage everyone to talk to their family and friends about your brand.

As we are talking about email marketing, here is a useful tip for you to build email lists.

Use the email address finder to build a list 

Do you already have an email list or are you looking for a better way to find email addresses? Well, thanks to artificial intelligence, we have email address finder tools like that are available in different forms.

With this tool, businesses or marketers can find email addresses from LinkedIn, and Gmail applications, and use the desktop app to locate the email format by entering the full name and company domain.

I hope this helps you.

Now let us proceed with the next digital channels and approaches to excel in the world of marketing.

User-generated content 

You need to pay attention to anything that your customers publish about your brand online. It can be advantageous to re-share and repurpose their content to spread your brand awareness and uplift word-of-mouth marketing.

People quickly believe in user-generated content more than those created by the brand itself. They find the post created by your existing customers more reliable.

When you re-share their posts, it will inspire others to post about your brand.

And as the number of tags increases, you will have a lot more content posted by users to share.

Remember, when you wish to portray the UGC on your website instead of simply sharing it, you must ensure to get their consent.

Review websites 

Review websites are another valuable platform for customers to refer to when they wish to know more about your brand.

Nearly eighty percent of people rely on recommendations shared by the existing customers of a brand.

Organize contests and Giveaways 

One of the best ways to encourage your customers to share their experience with your products and brand.

For the testimonials they share with you, you must give them valuable resources in exchange.

Concluding thoughts 

Besides the strategies shared here, there are many more such as using social media platforms, influencers, conducting affiliate programs, etc.

So, with all these channels and different strategies, you can be able to encourage your audience to voice their feedback to the world.

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