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Uma Riyaz Khan

Uma Riyaz Khan: Bio

Uma Riyaz Khan, is an actress, of Indian descent. She has made a few modest appearances in Tamil films and TV series. Uma is the only child of Uma’s parents, who are both painters. Kamala Kamesh, her mother, was a well-known performer in the industry, and Kamesh, her father, was a music director. Her husband was Riyaz Khan, a well-known actor, and bodybuilder from South India. They gave birth to their two children, Samarth and Shariq Hassan.

Khan attended Kodambakkam’s Fatima Convent School as a student. She participated in the 100-meter dash and javelin throw at the state level in addition to being an accomplished dancer. She was trained in classical dancing before learning other Latin American dance forms like salsa.

When she was three years old, she made her first appearance in a movie, and when she was a teenager, she decided to pursue acting as a vocation. However, she has been juggling roles on both the big and small screens. During the 1990s, she made an appearance in 40 to 45 television shows, including Kudumbam, Marumagal, and others. She later worked with Kamal Haasan on AnbeSivam, so her career is always evolving; as a result, it seems as though she is juggling between the two screens. She is working really hard to complete the tasks that still need to be done.

Uma Riyaz Khan: Creative Touch

One may wonder how she manages to balance being a full-time mother and an actor with such love and passion, but all it takes is one conversation with Uma Riyaz Khan to realize that one can have it all. She is one of the few performers that genuinely enjoys acting and cares about movies, and she has worked with some of the biggest names in Kollywood. She considers acting to be a craft, and she frequently moves between different forms of entertainment, demonstrating her adaptability each time she makes an appearance on television.

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Uma Riyaz Khan

Life At Best

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